T-shirt - Design #CG0008

T-shirt - Design #CG0008

The images shown above are computer generated images and are not an actual depiction of the shirt. Although the design and actuall shirt will be similar- image size, color, placement, etc may varry. 


Did you know? If you like this design, you may use the design number as the front or back image when creating your own custom t-shirt from scratch. 



The image shown will be printed on the front of the shirt. 

If you would like an image on the back of the shirt, please upload your image





Smooth soft t-shirt, 95 % polyester

comes in both womens v-neck and crew cut

both gray and white options contact us


RECOMENDED to go one size larger than you usually wear if you like a sliglty loose fit 

If you have any questions on sizing please 


This is because the fabric is stretchy and can cling if a bit to small (it is generally better slightly larger than slightly to small) 

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    $24.00Sale Price